Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fire, water, and finally blood

The past twenty fours have been a little more exciting. We were off shore of an island in Indonesia where there is an active volcano!
Siau volcano

We were able to watch a bit of lava spew from it at night before we sailed away. It was very surreal! As we were watching an announcement came over head as it usually does frequently through out the day but this time it wasn't a drill. Man overboard! We quickly mustered and thankfully the people were retrieved and were fine. That was not the last muster for the night though. We heard an announcement about 12:30 am telling us to report to our emergency post because there was flooding. I was so confused and way out of it but I quickly got dressed to run up to my department. A pipe just burst so also no big deal , unfortunately it had damaged my departments equipment so I had to clean it up the next morning. Today we admitted patients again which meant I was able to do blood draws, and EKGs! Still only saw a few patients though :( not sure why but hopefully it will be busy tomorrow. Politics! It was fun at lunch yesterday sitting with some french, Canadian and Australians so fun getting to meet so many people from All over the world. All for now. Oh and for the familytjey have AFN on the tvs all the time with their great safety commercials just like they did on AFKN love it!
Working in the scullery

Two still really great things about the navy the uniforms and the band are both still classically amazing

Eating snake fruit

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