Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mysterious month of May

Twenty and two has started and has already brought with it plenty of surprises with it! I started my day off with a beautiful array of a fresh blanket of snow all over Provo. I had to pause and think as I rubbed my tired eyes wondering if some how a birthday wish had landed me in another time in place like in the movie "Big" or "13 going on 30". Yes indeed it was still May 24th 2010 and my prayers had been answered in an unexpected way. For I have never had it rain on my birthday and had prayed that it would not rain as forecasted. I can still say that it has yet to rain on my birthday and can say that I know what it is like to have a winter and spring birthday all in the same day!
The Day eventually warmed up and the correct season came forth. After working with some of my favorite people at Jamba Juice, it was off to celebrate at Mimi's cafe! My favorite restaurant when I am in the mood for some comfort food that is reminiscent of my mother's cooking. I am not only the one who thinks it is a wonderful place for a celebration meal for there was another special guest there that night. Elder L. Tom Perry was also there dining with his family! I was unsure if it would be rude to interrupt and talk to him. Fortunately my brave friend Darcy made the decision for me and we were off to his table to meet him. She asked if he L.Tom Perry to which he replied, "usually" we then proceeded to talk to him and take a picture with him! 

 I talked to his wife a bit and she also went to BYU's nursing program! He was very gracious and tall! It didn't really hit me until I had sat down to eat that I had just met an apostle of the Lord and that he served in the quorum of the twelve! I had used his most recent talk on Mothers for my Relief Society lesson! What an honor and unexpected birthday surprise! (Needless to say I was really glad I had read my scriptures that morning!) We had a fabulous dinner at Mimi's and just had to keep counting my blessings one by one of each girl surrounding that table! I have many wonderful friends and here are just a few of them that I was happy to share my birthday with, 
We of course continued celebrating by having more cupcakes, friends and such at my apartment! Hard to believe that I am 22 though! It was a great birthday and I hope the rest of the year follows suit!

Other adventures of late included two camping/rock climbing trips to robber's roost and Zion's, sleeping on top of roofs, bike rides, tie dying, water kickball, and etc! I love BYU and all the people that make it fun to be here! I am off this friday though to NC to the blessed humidity( no I really do love it!) fireflies, green everywhere, southern hospitality, and FAMILY!