Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in Review

Happy New Year and new decade ahead of us too! 2011
In 2010 I had the opportunity to learn many new things, make many new friends, and set out on many new travel adventures! Here is a little review of the blessed events of 2010.

Most Challenging semester- Medical/Surgical.

Fun times with roommates: They come and then boys take them away, but they will forever be a part of me.

The amazing chef and nurse tutor Elizabeth(All qualities in the making of a GREAT mom!)

Round two with Katie Wilk!

#14 BDA(Broken Down Apts/ Beautiful Daughters of the Almighty)
Reunion still crazy as always (Melissa and Katie)

Trying on Wedding dresses with Annie

Mr. and Mrs. Brewer! Old roomies at Annie's wedding

Future roomies of Wellington 6: Sarah and Darcy
Before the adventures began :)

Visits from old roomies; Shalisa and Alexis(who is expecting!)

New summer Roomies whom we had many rockband and other fun times with: Lauren and Desire

Our first time being "roomies" sleeping on top of the roof of Banbridge

Wellington 6 roomies: Sarah and Darcy

Picture time any time

We support each other's sometimes silly endeavors

Most eye opening and Coolest College experience: NSNA convention:
The Crew at the Orlando Ariport

Receiving BYU SNA's award at the convention

Oh yeah we had fun in the Disney parks too!

Most unusual birthday surprises:
Learned God hears our prayers but also has a sense of humor when answering them. I asked that is wouldn't rain on my birthday (which is in MAY!) and I got snow instead.

I also had the privilege of meeting an apostle of the Lord, Elder L.Tom Perry, at my favorite restaurant. (Provo's rockstars) 

Explorations of Utah:
Robbers roost where I got a little carried away with my climbing abilities and sprained my ankle! 

Our summers hike ended in a winter wonderland at Silver Lake

On top of Squaw peak with Jessie and Justin. Yes just a few short days after I had sprained my ankle.

Getting some Courage: Best summer job ever second round of working efy(especially for youth camp)
With one of my girls!

D&C 18:10 Worth of Souls group

Cease to be 

Of course the counselors get away on the weekends to events like Medieval Times!
With Stephanie

Trips to DC. With Katie 

Rise with us group

The best people you will ever meet and friends anyone could ask for

efy counselors a special breed 

More fun times in DC

Of course my favorite part of the week bustin' a move and the service activity! What better combination could you have!

Also did a week in Massachusetts with some awesome Tangible as WOman!

Most Spontaneous trip and cutest kids: Number one reason to always have your passport with you because you just never know when you will leave the country and go visit family in England!

My nephew Master Joshua

Princess Amberley(She has her own castle!)

They wore me out a bit though

Painting with the kiddos

Luckiest secretary:

The SNA board which I am secretary of

Our float for the homecoming parade. I came up with the theme.

Most thrilling concert: We saw Owl city and John Mayer in concert: Maizy, Art, Katherine

VA Meets UT:

The efy fun never stops! We just can't get enough.
Creative costumes! My roommates and I dressed up for Halloween as Rapunzel (now starring in Tangled!) Tinkerbell, and a Duwop 50s girl!

Most exotic trip South of the border: Went to Mexico with my Roommates and Sarah's family. Had the most relaxing and fun Thanksgiving ever!

 Nursing in a festive place: Just finished my pediatric at Primary Children's and obstetrics at UofU clinical rotations. Had fun working with all the Kids and being a witness to the most amazing miracles, birth.

A White Christmas come true:

My parents

My friend April and her husband came to visit!

Snow Pup

Ready, set, MOVE! My sister and her husband moved from NC to NY! Exciting for them but they will be missed in NC.
 We'll always be together: Celebrating New years with high school Friends Anne and Taylor

Most Bodacious: That would be Wellington 6 wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2010 you were a fabulous year! Heres to another one in 2011