Monday, November 5, 2012

Frightful Events

Last month was full of fun, and frightful events. I can officially say that I am a full blown RN, well I've been one since February but I feel that after being completely on my own with three to four patients that I am legit now! I had my first two shifts on my own last week and they were both very crazy, busy, and a little bit poopy too. I learned a lot and love my job even though I feel completely overwhelmed. Thankfully there are lots of people to help, one of those wonderful people was my good friend Katie, without whom I wouldn't have survived nursing school or that second day of work! It was just so crazy that we had made it all the way the way through school and now we are working together.

Even though I called my Mom complaining about my day, I learned from my patients that I wasn't the one having the rough day at all! Even though my feet ached from running from room to room at least I had feet to walk with or even the ability to do so. Even though I was starving from not eating all day, at least I had only been starving for just one day and not several being told I wasn't allowed to have anything by mouth. I learned a lot about charting, procedures, medications, etc. those two days but I also learned a lot about gratitude and the need to implement that feeling in my life (perfect segway into Thanksgiving month).

October was a great month full of weddings, friends visiting, and everything pumpkin! I also ran the scariest and therefore fastest 5k of my life! It was a zombie run, so I was being chased by zombies and that really got my sympathetic nervous system into gear and finished in 23:40 (still not faster than my 60 year old dad though!)
Making Sarah's owl cupcake cake

Picking apples for FHE activity

Beautiful fall drives up the Alpine Loop

My fun roomies

conference with ship mates

Two of my favorite girls in the world!

Sunday night football complete with a TV dinner

At Sarah's incredible Junior high Choir concert

Bowling with Marcel 

Wedding day for Princess Margaret

With Katie Wilk

What is happiness without a temple going goat

exploring the Olympic museum with Krystal and Marcel

A creepy night complete with creepy treats from subzero

chillin with the shipmates of casrec

our magnificent pumpkins... this is halloween!

crazy photos with Krystal and Kayla

Our creations from Colour Me Mine

Sebastian likes to stay up late and party with the family on google hangout

Pumpkin carving FHE activity

Our magical, lit up, 3-D, pumpkin carriage, yeah beat that!