Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have an excellent Father.

I was trying to find an old document and ran across this one I wrote last semester about leadership. Since my last post was about my Mother I think my Father also is deserving of one as well. I also love this song by Taylor Swift (I know I am cliche and such a typical girl, but what can I say I do!) that expresses how she feels about her Father too.

In passing by the BYU service office I saw a sign that read “Leadership- Love in action.” This poignant sign clearly defined what a leadership role should encompass overall. In my life I have been affected by this kind of leadership in numerous ways but one leader has had a particularly profound affect on me, my father.
            My dad has always been an example of strong leadership as he has directed our family but it has not been until the past few years that I have been able to see his leadership in action for others outside of our family. He has had the opportunity to serve as a Bishop and now the Stake president. It has been in these callings that I have seen his leadership skills being defined as one that leads through teaching, delegation, and service. My Dad has a way with words and is a very powerful speaker; it is at the pulpit that he is able to most efficiently teach people. However he also teaches by example in his conduct. My Dad is a businessman who has had to travel for work and attended many meetings where temptations could have arisen to make him compromise his standards. My Dad has a strong conviction of honor to his commitments and would never falter from what he knows to be true. He has been an example to me by his dedication and has taught me to devote my best self to all that I do. This is where I have learned and developed my own style of leadership; I try to lead by quiet example in what I do.
My Dad is also able to be an effective leader by allowing others to lead as well. He knows that he could probably do the task in a more timely manner, but he allows others the opportunity to do so. He is effective at delegation because he follows up on the assignments he gives to make sure that they have been accomplished. My dad may sometimes get caught up in the statistics of what is occurring in the stake but he also remembers that he his serving people. He takes time to care for the one and has the best means for people serving at heart. He has had to learn patience and that fixing a problem requires working in conjunction with people, which can be a slow process.
I admire my Dad for his leadership and how he has been able to grow as a leader through his experiences. He knows as a leader what needs to be done and how to make it happen. Whenever he makes a decision he weighs it out carefully and does his research to make sure it is the best decision for all. He is devoted to his called positions of leadership but also he also exhibits discipline to his personal commitments and roles. My dad is an example of love in action through his leadership in my life. 

My dad and me at Thomas Jefferson's home. Another great leader.