Monday, September 17, 2012

Working Girl

My cute little hospital

I started working at Orem Timpanogos Regional Hospital and I love it! I love being in the hospital again and all the people I work with. I am still training and trying to get the hang of things, which means I make lots of mistakes (Don't worry no life threatening ones, mostly just computer charting type stuff!) I love learning new things everyday though and everyone is very helpful. All of the Doctor interactions I've had have been great as well, hopefully I don't jinx myself on that one! There are still days when I want to break down and cry because I wonder if I will ever get the hang of it all, but over all I leave feeling satisfied and so thankful that I chose nursing as my career. I try to remind myself of the honor I have of going into my patients rooms and that I get the chance to be in their lives for a "short" 12hr shift. I've had some great patients who have made my day and have been so fun to get to know as well. So far this job has proven to be a miracle and I will continue to treat it as such!

At lake Powell with some friends                                

First 5 am shift as an RN
We met Jeff from the bachelorette!

Our (britters my extreme hiking buddy) hell hike on Mt.Olympus