Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lice slayer

Sandoval and I on the lice duty that never seemed to end 

The sign Shaun and I made for Krystal who had to be on lice duty far too often!

Today we finally admitted over a hundred patients and their escorts. I was on lice checking duty and treatment for over nine hours or so. It was chaotic but we got a system down and made it through the day. Still not a fan of lice or ranks either! I basically checked every patient and escort that came through today for lice (250) and we had to treat a lot of them with shampoo, then comb out all the nits out of their beautiful long black hair. I also got unduly yelled at in front of lots of people who didn't stand up for me at all. I had to defend my ground on the most illogical argument I have ever been in but whatever. This lady chose to be rude but really she just sounded completely ignorant about her supposed position oh leadership. I will be working nights now too, which means il be turned around again oh well. I had two bowls of ice cream today to get me through it. Please send uplifting emails I could use one, thanks.

Being ridiculously good looking in the isolation gowns

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  1. I don't know if you mean emails through here, but I'm so proud of you for going out there and being adventurous! You are so brave and lucky to be around so many cute NAVY men! Keep going girl.