Thursday, January 26, 2012

Park city dreams

I went skiing for the first time this past week and absolutely loved it! I went with my nursing friends to the Canyons resort up in Park City. It was so beautiful up there and I felt as if I had left Utah completely to enter another world. It had just snowed and continued to snow through out the day we were there, so we had some good fresh powder, which I learned makes a big difference! I fell down ok wiped out quite a bit, but then my friend Jocilyn ( who always manages to get me out of my comfort zone) taught me how to turn and stop. By the end I was really getting the hang of it and loving every second of it! It was so fun to go with those girls and the people at the resort were really helpful. It was fun to step into what seemed the elite world of skiers and snowboarders. Seriously I felt so blessed to be up there and enjoying God's creations in that way. I can't believe sometimes how incredibly lucky I am to have experiences like this in my life! I am getting use to my time off now I guess since I have been doing fun things.
Usually this is an expensive endeavor but I only spent a whopping $20.00 for the day and boy did I get my money's worth. Unfortunately now I have the skiing bug but still no job to support my new obsession! 

Bethanie and I conquering the Mountains

In other news no job prospects yet, but I do take the NCLEX on February 2nd so start praying for me that I do well on it and that I don't have to really celebrate Groundhog day that day and retake the test over again ;) 

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