Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From nosebleeds to pinkeye

We are in the middle of week three but just wanted to catch you up on the headaches and nosebleeds that were treated and cured. Supposedly by my super human powers as was demonstrated in a skit about me by the youth! It was a good week, nothing too exciting. Over the weekend I did take a friend to the hospital, which was a first for me. I felt extremely protective of her and now know a little bit of how the family feels especially why those that have a medical background are very nit picky about the care of their loved ones. I do have to say that empathy is obviously not a learned skill by all medical staff.

We started week three already on the forth of July and had fun celebrating "happy birthday America". It started a bit rough when I lost the keys to our rental car. I was I'm panic mode, but with the power of prayer I saw exactly where they were in my mimd's eye. It was truly a miracle, small but I was so thankful and relieved to find them again. I know my Heavenly Father was mindful of me and knew that I really needed help. He is aware of us and shares in our concerns.

So we have had a bit of a pinkeye scare but it has been kept in check in the eye of the storm.:)

Love seeing the old youth that I Have had in years past. I have been able to run I'm the mornings with one of my girls from last year too. So at Efy you get very little sleep and I just fell aslee a couple times while writing this! All for now!
Late night Mexican dinner with Hollie and Karl

Here comes the smolder.

Rubber band wars

Happy Birthday America

Kristen Elise and Whitney May

Stunning Megan

Dinner with a side of cookies and brownies = perfection for Dax

Love comes back!

Red, White, and Blue!

Gluten free food is good too!

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