Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Right there beside you

The design, core, and purpose of the OR is to perform surgical procedures in a sterile manner. I had the opportunity again this past week to observe and occasionally participate in these procedures. I was amazed again to see patient after patient be rolled in and out of a room with great care and efficiency by all the staff. What struck me most however, were those of a very gentle demeanor in the OR. They were those who treated the patients with the utmost respect and were able to speak very calmly to them as well. They treated the whole situation seriously and were not distracted by their outside lives but concentrated fully on patient care.
Located slightly on the outskirts of the OR core is the PACU. This is where patients are monitored and cared for as they emerge from the effects of anesthesia. This is where I discovered something about myself as a future nurse. As each patient was rolled in for care I was drawn to them and their status. I was intrigued by how the nurse was going to assess and care for them. I enjoyed talking to them and helping provide for their comfort. I found myself getting excited about their vitals returning to normal levels and them being able to be admitted to their rooms. I discovered that I really do enjoy one on one patient care.
In my experiences in the OR and PACU I discovered different ways to provide patient care. What I truly learned though was about how I want to be more involved in patient care. It is a small acquisition but it has helped me realize, even in the slightest, what direction I would like my nursing career to go.
I hope to treat all my patients with care and concern for their entire body as I witnessed in the OR. I also hope to maintain the same level of a reverence almost to sterility in the procedures I will have to perform, such as placing a catheter. I also hope to treat my patients in a calm, respectful manner and have my central focus be on them while I am at work. In learning more about what kind of nurse I hope to be, I am grateful for this experience to now know that I really do want to be by the patient’s bedside caring for them one on one.

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  1. Oh, Whitney, you are going to be a wonderful nurse! I would even allow you to stick a catheter in ME (if needs be)!