Saturday, January 25, 2014

A new chapter

When I moved to Provo I never thought I could live in a desert type place and never thought I would be here for seven years!!! Yes it has been that long and I have come to love this place like home. I love the people I have met here, the mountains, the experiences I have had here, and the list goes on! But soon I will be turning the page to write a new chapter in my life. I will be moving to a real desert Phoenix, Arizona!!! Why in the world would I ever move there?! Yes its a great place to be in the winter, definitely chases away any seasonal depression, but the reason is Love. So cheesy I know but its true.
Matt and I met actually back to that seven years ago mark when I first moved to Provo. (2006) 
We were in the same freshman ward. 
I remember him, even if he didn't know I existed at the time, and how he was one of the boys to get their mission call to Paris and I was so jealous! I was actually better friends with his best friend James, whom I went on dates with after he got back from his mission. One particular date included Matt, but he was on a date with another girl! James and I stayed in contact over the years, he also took my roommate out on dates as well. One day James invited me to go skiing with him and his friend Matt at the Canyons. I had to work the day they were planning on going but then at the last second someone from work asked if I could switch days with them, it worked out perfectly that I could go!
 (March 2013)
To be honest at first I had no idea what the situation was here. I was friends with James but wasn't sure if he was trying to pursue me or set me up! I instantly felt comfortable around these boys though and just had a good time. Although at first I could not get my skis to go on and was so embarrassed! I was thinking they probably regretted inviting me and we had not even gone down one slope yet! That was when Matt first showed his kindness by trying to help me get them  on. I was able to keep up pretty well too they said! We went to Dairy Keen afterwards and I was so comfortable and at ease that I spoon fed Matt his milkshake on the way home. But it really was my ski leggings he said that won him over! :)
He asked me out once he helped me get my skis in my car. I was kind of expecting it, because of James quick exit to "rush" to the bathroom once we got back to provo.  I said yes and we went out the next night. Our first date was to a peruvian restaurant, it was really fun, and just easy to talk to him. It was nice that I already had felt comfortable with him the previous day and had been able to become friends with him. It was a great date, but then he took me home and I didn't send him an after date text. So the signals we sent at the end of the date to each other were very mixed! Luckily he had used one of his missionary tactics to commit me to tell him how my talk went that I was giving that Sunday. I said I would and then we started being together all the time after that...
Well we had a lot of fun dating but I was trying to make lots of decisions in my life right before he entered it and I was distracted by other things too in my life at the time. He was also moving to AZ for his new job in the fall. So I ended it. (June of 2013)
It was really hard for me but at the time I felt it was the right decision. 
I never stopped thinking about him though.
I dated a close friend for a while but always kept on thinking about Matt instead.
In August I said I wanted to talk and how I wanted to give us another shot. 
(This is all very abbreviated)
We got back together for a short while but it just wasn't working. There were things we had not sorted through yet, oh and did I mention he was also leaving in two weeks! My timing was not the greatest. He then dished it back at me and broke me heart...
It didn't last long though. He had kept his earlier promise to fix my bike and did so before he left for St.George a couple days before moving permanently down to AZ. We of course have very little chemistry together, so it was easy to be around each other and not smooch...not! We ended up kissing that night and then we were both very confused! I showed up in St.George the next day to be with him and prove to him that I was serious about making whatever it was at the time work! Lots of facetimeing and late night phone calls every night, I decided to surprise him in AZ thanks to the help of the Rowleys! It was from then we said I love to each other and things started getting serious for me. I was still in provo but had no desire to go out with anyone else or be with anyone else! I started thinking about moving down there, but still wasn't sure about it all and that was a big step to take!
Of course thats where faith comes in. I just felt right about moving forward with things. I started applying to jobs, looking for places to live, and figuring out how to make it work. I was still nervous about it at times but just kept moving forward with faith and lots of prayer! I am not the most decisive person ever, at all really, but this decision was one of the easiest I ever had to make and everything just kept falling into place for me as well! I ended having a few interviews and was offered a position at both! I ended up taking a job in the Neuro ICU at Good Samaritan hospital in Phoenix (I'll blog more about that later! )
So here I am now in Phoenix, living here and not just vacationing anymore. Hard to believe I moved here for a boy, I must love him or something crazy like that! It has been so great to be down here with him and to not be doing the long distance anymore! Definitely do not recommend long distance to anyone! I know God has guided me every step of the way and I just need to keep on trusting in Him and move forward with faith. He really has put little things in to my life to help lead me to Matt, and it is fun looking back on some of them. 
One funny one is the last season of the Bachelorette with Des and Chris. I liked Chris the whole time because he was so sweet to her, reminded me of Matt. Then How she says she was blind to what she really needed and how much she loved him, made me think of how I felt with Matt and just wanted to be with him. Maybe I am too easily swayed by media :) 
Watch for yourself and tell me what you think!
I now will be living 5 minutes away from Matt instead of 500 miles. I love him and all the sweet things he does for me!
Lets brag about him a bit shall we?!
One of my favorite things about Matt is how thoughtful he is, he really listens and takes notes it seems! 
He knows I love surprises and totally surprised me recently by picking me up at the airport, when I thought he was already back down in AZ!
He also is ridiculously good at buying presents and bought me a DSLR cannon camera, which I love even though I still don't really know how to use it yet! 
He always gets the door for me.
He always makes sure I'm warm even though he is burning up.
He compliments me and makes me feel beautiful.
He speaks French!!! I mean come on how perfect is that, my own personal tutor!
He lives the gospel and seeks to know how to be a better disciple of Christ.
I could go on but maybe I'll save that post for later.

All in all we are very happy right now. And just glad to be near and loving each other every day!!!


  1. Yay!! You are very brave. (And I loved the Bachelorette reference.)

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures! :)