Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eat more chocolate?

Yes go ahead and indulge in that chocolate bar you have hiding in the back of your cupboard! I just finished this book called "The Chocolate Therapist: A user's guide to the extraordinary health benefits of chocolate" by Julie Pech. I've never been much of a chocolate fan but I think its because I was not eating the right chocolate, and now I am a chocolate snob. Chocolate can be healthy but usually only if you look at what is really being put in your chocolate. Some top tips in buying good chocolate include seeing if sugar or cocoa is the first ingredient. Obviously you want cocoa to be the first. Also make sure  they keep the good cocoa butter fat in it and not the hydrogenated oils. Also you don't want the fake vanillin stuff you want the A game in your chocolate so look for vanilla.

It is true that dark chocolate is the best because it has the most cocoa in it and provides all the wonderful antioxidants that chocolate can provide. I know you are thinking I can't give up my milk chocolate or go to the dark side, but you can do both! Chocolate has different percentages telling you how dark it is so if you are not a dark fan go with a 30-40% but above 55% is really the best. Also I learned that I was just not eating my chocolate correctly. You need to savor it, smell it, and slowly let it melt in your mouth and really indulge in that piece of chocolate. Also if you need help going to the dark side start milky and gradually up the percentages. I think the highest I've gone is 88% and have really enjoyed it without the dirt taste.

Some fun facts: the louder the snap of a chocolate bar the higher quality it is. There is only 5-30 mg of caffeine in chocolate which is less than a cup of decaf. There are endless benefits from eating chocolate because of all the antioxidants, good fats, vitamins (lots of magnesium) and increased serotonin when one enjoys some chocolate!

Because I am concerned for your health, please go be adventurous and try some gourmet or crazy chocolate :) My favorite so far was the cherry chillies! Not a huge fan of the lavender blueberry though.


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME book! :) I love dark chocolate!

  2. Glad you've joined in the snobbery! I always keep a dark chocolate bar in the house and only eat on square a night (more nights). That way I'm not eating too much sugar and I'm getting in my chocolate craving!