Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We spent a blissful week in Vava'u and it is by far my favorite in Tonga. It is so beautiful here and since the island is so small you are able to get to know everyone it seems like! We had another health fair here in Vava'u this time the background was even louder than in Tongatapu. Last week it was the Mother's day celebration and then in Vava'u it was the Father's day. Where they had a preacher practically yelling into the microphone. They also had children dancing and singing about the history of Tonga, which was fun to watch. Only because I was doing blood sugars and not trying to listen to blood pressures over the noise like I did last time. I paid my dues!

Rainbow giving us luck to a new start free of giardia! 

The Father's day presentation.

We had a really great turn out and discovered some new diabetic patients to be followed up on in the clinic the next week.

We have been in the hospital the past couple of days and I love the nurses here they are so nice and friendly and willing to teach us. Vava'u is so pretty especially with the sunset at night. 

We love it too because there are new zealanders that have great restaurants for us to eat at. 

everyone at the restaurant intently listening to Shelly give us love advice ;)

Andrea and I keeping it classy!

We were invited to a Tongan feast the past two days which was interesting and the food was actually good there I think because we were on the important people table so they had good food like the huge roast pig! It was with a church so there was a ton of praying and singing.

This video is of the singing at the feast. It really just took your breath away listening to their bellowing voices sing so boisterously and radiate against the walls. It was one of my favorite moments of the trip. 

Some of us we not so thrilled about the food. 

She was grateful for the ice cream. It was pretty much milk though because it was so hot in there!

Shelly and Camille really got into the celebrating! Sparkling style.

Oh since we were invited by the nurses at the hospital this was our ride to pick us up and bring us to the feast. Never had ridden in an ambulance until that moment. 

 They are very religious here and pray to gether before they start their shift. they also asked us to sing a song. We sang a child's prayer medley and it was actually very beautiful different from them bnut still pretty. We also taught for a bit in young womens on the spur. Our motto has been hurry up and wait and also where is the stool sample form everyone being sick but we are all feeling better and alive now!!!! We celebrated our first night with everyone feeling better with some delicious pizza. We also have been eating lots of cinnamon rolls, which are the best I have ever had! Don't worry we walk up a very steep hill everyday to the hospital to burn it all off. 

My all time favorite bathroom sign.

More funny signs at the airport.

Tongan version of air conditioning- open sliding door.

In the flower taxi.

One of the beaches we went to

The sign for our hotel we were staying at.

Me with one fat piggy, unfortunately I think he was there to help out with the next day's feasting celebrations.

Deina's got skills!

Today we might get to help prepare a body for buriual. I love how generous and friednly everyone is here. I want to be more selfless like them they are so willing to give anything.The Tongan are big people in stature and in their giving hearts.

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