Saturday, March 26, 2011

...For her price is far above Rubies.

In January my family had the unfortunate event of having my Grammie pass away. It was a difficult time for all of us, but wonderful to be surrounded by family while we honored her life. I was able to speak at the funeral and share about the things I loved most about her.

I am glad I was able to see her this summer

Ellen Crawford Booth- Grammie

How I remember her, love her,

A rock to hold onto, a centering point in my life. 
Grandmother, friend, supporter, a jokester, a true Scot. 

She was my jewelry expert and supplier. (I also created a box in ceramics class to hold all the beautiful rings she gave. Pictures to follow soon)
The best spaghetti and meatball chef ever (even though she wasn’t a fan).
Pepper on everything. Waking up to the sound of eggs and bacon sizzling and how she knew just how we each liked ours. Fellow lover of butterscotch candies and ice cream. My knitting teacher, creater of decorative snowflakes out of thread (doilies). Lover and expert on birds and helping her make sure they were well fed. My crayola captain. How she would warn us about that darn mulberry tree. The scent of Charlie, she would always wear. Warm strong hugs and love filled kisses.
As she got older the rolling thunder of her Cadillac walker would alert us that Grammie was coming!
But the sound I will remember her most for was her beautiful singing of songs like the Blue Bells if Scotland and the red robin goes bob bobbin along.
She created a loving, cozy home, but was never scared to venture out and was a fellow traveler.
She was my personal historian of the past and what seemed to me the romantic 1940s in New york.
She was the only one who could scold me lovingly and when she told you to do something you never hesitated.
She always remembered me and others on any holiday. She had such a giving nature.
She was someone who would allow you to appreciate things over and over again with the same enthusiasm every time.
She was a lady of grace and always looked the part when she went out, never without her lipstick on. She just had a sparkle about her.
She was an example to me of true love lasting through time.
She was a lady of faith. She was an example of hope and optimism even in the hardest of times. I always hung up the phone uplifted after talking to her. She was always so appreciative and always expressed her gratitude to me for the smallest things. She was my confidant and my inspiration to do well in school. She is the voice in my heart guiding me and letting me know I can do all things because she believes I truly can.
She had a way of getting us together. She was our home. All of these little things added up to one thing that she loved each of us. She did small things but always done with great love.

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