Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little Pixie Dust and the magic of nursing!

Last week I had the opportunity to travel with BYU's nursing program to Florida! How did I become so fortunate you might ask to leave the snowy land of Provo to go to the happiest place on earth- DisneyWorld, for an all expense paid trip? I was recently elected to the student nurses association (SNA) board at BYU as the secretary. I was really interested in becoming more involved in my college experience and trying to make the most of my time in nursing school at BYU. So, I was really excited to say the least, and pleasantly surprised, when I found I was elected. Even more so when I found out I would have the opportunity to travel to Florida to represent BYU!!! It was intense trying to prepare for taking a week off of school, felt like an elite college athlete, but absolutely worth it!
The conference was an annual event put on by the National Student Nurse's Association (NSNA). This year's theme was "Experience the Magic of Nursing" very applicable for the locale. At this conference we were trained on how to be successful in our new positions on our board, taught about different nursing opportunities in breakout sessions, and participated in the house of delegates, to name a few. It was incredible to be exposed to all the different kinds of nursing and how to be involved on a national level in nursing. While we were there we presented a resolution to the house of delegates in hopes of having it passed, which it did, about nurses doing home visits to first time low income mothers. There are already programs that are implementing this action in nursing but having this passed shows that NSNA supports it and it creates increased awareness of it to future nurses of the opportunity to be involved in community health.  The conference was mostly interesting, but of course a trip to Orlando, Florida wouldn't be complete without a visit to the local inhabitants of the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT!!!

                                  The gang after arriving in Orlando!
                                                     Having some fun in Downtown Disney
                                          Things were a little pricey there than we were use to as poor college students. Never knew how much Disney costed before this trip, thanks Daddy-warbucks for treating me to it all those years!
                                         Looking official at the conference with our advisors. (I hated my outfit that day however!)
                                         Mickey made a special visit!
                       We were poster presenters! It displayed information about our resolution and how we were making students aware in our chapter of what we were doing. Basically why we are so stellar!
                                          Welcome to EPCOT!
                             How could this picture not make you smile with all of its ridiculousness! I especially love how we were in China and were able to have a random chinese boy be in our picture!
                     The pool at the Coronado Springs resort we stayed at, paradise right?

BYU was also recognized as having a STELLAR SNA chapter, that's right we won an award. Our very own president from this past year was elected to the new NSNA board and will help plan next year's event in the booming metropolis in my own backyard Salt Lake City!
                          Our advisors and the new NSNA board member- Erin accepting our Stellar Chapter   award for BYU.
                             Magic Kingdom, how much better can life get!
                      I was also able to meet up with my favorite visiting teaching companion ever there!

Ihad a blast with all of the girls at the conference and going to Disneyworld with them, definitely made some great friends. It inspired me to do more with my nursing career and to be involved on a national level now and after a graduate. It made me aware of all the ways I can be involved to make a difference within nursing, for the benefit of my future patients. It made me realize how research can actually be important (despite how much I was frustrated with that class this semester) and can affect a change for good in nursing practice. It also made me want to further my education as much as I can with nursing! That is right I now have a different aim now that I hope to go back to school and obtain a master's degree in nursing! Who knows maybe I will even go for a doctorate degree. It may not happen, but I have the mindset for it now as a very strong possibility. I really would like to do it so that someday I may be able to teach and give back.

It was wonderful to get away but a bit depressing to come back to a snowy day in Provo after sitting by the pool in 85 degree weather, but the I must have packed a little extra sunshine in my bag because today was a beautiful day here. I only have one final left and then I am free for the summer! Just have to memorize every med, what they do, their side effects, and how to safely give them. Think I can do it? YES I can! That was one thing I remember them saying at the conference when talking about furthering your education, that you should do what you think you cannot do! I hope I can achieve the impossible and you can too catch the vision of your dream to make your wishes come true! (yes I caught some Disney magic while I was there)

I also caught the magic of nursing! How thankful I am to be studying this profession and I hope that I will eventually be a capable nurse someday. For those of you wondering exactly what nurses do watch the little video below to get a little glimpse :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! And that's so great you got to see Erin! She was my roomie too. Roomies unite! Love you! Hope I get to see you soon!

  2. Yay! I forget sometimes that you're busy more than just from the hours of 8-5 on Mon-Fri like us! Hopefully we can catch up after your finals and stuff. Lots to tell!!