Saturday, March 27, 2010

Attitude of healing

At times how we view or react to things that happen to us in life are merely a representation of our attitude in life. I believe our attitude can also be a contributing factor in leading us to heal. This past week I was able to interact with patients two patients with very different diagnoses and attitudes about their hospitalizations. One lady was there because she had overdosed on her pain medications, which had subsequently damaged her heart and liver. The other patient was one who suffered from cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy all her life. Both were very easy to talk to and had legitimate reasons to be discouraged by their health concerns, however one saw her diagnoses as part of her life but was not going to let it stop her from living it to the fullest.
Her attitude was one of enthusiasm and she emitted a genuine air about her.  She saw her diagnoses objectively and did not see them as a limiting factor. She was determined to take care of herself but was not opposed to any help as well. She had every reason to complain and be down about life but she decided to do the opposite. It amazed me how resilient she was and how often it is those who have every right to feel down are the ones who seem to bounce back the most. In other patients I have seen with good attitudes about their hospitalization they are able to laugh about things and build relationships with the staff members. I believe that these are important factors in helping our patients heal. Sometimes though we need to be the facilitator of this kind of attitude in order to have them heal in that way.
I hope to have that kind of healing attitude with my patients that I may seem approachable and happy to be living my life. I hope that in return I will not come off as overbearing in doing so but in having a desire to help my patients feel the same way despite their health concerns.  Many times it is not overcoming the illness that is the problem but our mental capacity to believe that we truly can heal. I believe this can be a factor when we are trying to be healed spiritually as well. We need to have the mindset that we can heal and see the hope in our everyday lives. Accentuating the positive. I hope in the future to build this kind of healing relationship with my patients. One where I can help them see the good in life and learn how to not only cope but live with their diagnoses. I know in my own life I need to follow the example of this particular patient I had the opportunity to interact with and have a more positive attitude for I know I am truly blessed, including my trials. 

Luke 9:11 And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing.
They sought to be healed and had the faith that they could be.

In other updates I was recently elected to the Student Nurses Association board at BYU as the secretary! This came as a huge shock to me but I am really excited to be able to serve in this position and be more involved. Also as an added surprise bonus I will be traveling to Florida on the sixth for a nursing conference there and we will get to go to Disney World too! It is all that is getting me through all that I need to have done before I leave! Luckily though I have a new study buddy, someone to walk me home after the long nights at the library, to share lunch with, and who looks really good in uniform: 
                                                            John & Whit

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